I am a consultant, teacher, writer, and creative artist. I work with corporate groups, educators, counsellors, social service providers, and many other organizations on a wide variety of projects and initiatives. I am interested in the spaces between things, in the unspoken, in the unexamined and unexpressed. I am an advocate for personal health, educational renewal, and community development. I enjoy running, rock climbing, woodworking, and exploring the vanishing wilderness. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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I provide consulting services to a wide range of organizations on many topics: educational innovation, mental health, addictions, trauma, childhood development, conflict resolution, creativity, leadership, and technology (among other themes). I also work with social service agencies, counsellors, and educators on themes of professional and clinical development. I have worked with large corporate clients (such as IKEA and Translink), governmental organizations (such as Vancouver Coastal Health and the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development), post-secondary educational institutions (such as UBC and Simon Fraser University), professional organizations (such as the Business Council of BC and the BC Union of Psychiatric Nurses), independent schools (such as St. George's, Southridge, and Crofton House), nonprofit organizations (such as First United and the Canadian Cancer Society) and many other groups. (See a sample list of clients here.)

I am a frequent guest on radio and television, to speak on topics related to mental health, addictions, parenting, creativity, education, and adolescent development. I have appeared on CBC’s Tapestry, North by Northwest, The Early Edition, Daybreak North, and on the CBC Evening News. I have also appeared on Bravo’s Book Television, CityTV’s Breakfast Television, and on CKNW’s World Today, Morning News, and Bill Good shows. I have also been profiled in the Vancouver Sun. My first book appeared on Macleans national best-seller list. I am a recipient of the Union Institute’s Sussman Award for Academic Excellence for “ultimate academic achievement at the doctoral level.” My doctoral dissertation, which subsequently was adapted into book form as Grain of Truth: The Ancient Lessons of Craft, was shortlisted for the 2001 Governor General’s Award (the highest literary award in Canada) and the BC Book Prize. Grain of Truth was voted one of the 100 most important books of 2001 by the Globe and Mail and by Spirituality and Health magazine. I am also the recipient of the 1997 Cecilia B. Lamont poetry prize.

My second book, A Stone’s Throw: The Enduring Nature of Myth explains the origins of the mythologies of Egypt, Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. I demonstrate how these mythologies have become the source of the most pressing conflicts in the contemporary world, from the Palestinian uprisings to September 11 to the war on terror. A Stone’s Throw continues the themes of creativity and spirituality that I explored in Grain of Truth: The Ancient Lessons of Craft. Traversing five thousand years of history, and from my perspective as a craftsman sculpting stone in my shop, A Stone’s Throw follows the evolution of sacred mythologies from the pharaohs and their pyramids to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the sacred Kaaba stone in Mecca, the Washington Monument, and the World Trade Center. A Stone’s Throw offers readers a means of understanding the contemporary world with greater depth and clarity. It lays bare the shared heritage of religions, of peoples, of the essential themes of human nature.

I am a professor and instructor in counselling, psychology, interdisciplinary expressive arts, new media, and creative writing. I have taught at many educational institutions, including Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Community College, The Union Institute and University, Antioch University, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, where I am a recipient of the Dean of Arts Award for Teaching Excellence.

I am a frequent speaker at conferences, I am a registered member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, and I am the 2003 recipient of the Association’s Communications Award.

My essays have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Canadian Geographic, and Pacific Yachting, for which I have been a frequent contributor.