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I write about themes of interest to me: personal development, education, addictions, technology, parenting, and creativity. If you like what you see, feel feel to leave a comment or get in touch to continue the conversation.

Big Problems: Small Wonder

Got a minute?

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Storming the Ivory Tower

The landscape of post-secondary education is in the midst of turbulent transformations. New technologies challenge established traditions and norms. Emerging practices promise new modes and methods. Cultural, economic, and social changes encourage (and perhaps even demand) a comprehensive review of what education is and what it’s for. We are living ...

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Storytelling and Addictions Recovery

Stories are maps, repositories of collected wisdom, ciphers and guides for making sense of the human journey. Whether archaic, prosaic, or postmodern, stories illuminate the paths undertaken by all those who seek resolution and healing. And stories are all the same, at heart: beneath the guises of religion, behind the ...

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Understanding and Working with Addictions

Addictions are pervasive. They are perhaps the most common human frailty. My work involves helping people navigate the complex landscape of addictions, helping them find pathways forward by finding what lies behind addictions (mental health or developmental challenges, typically). Much of this work involves organizational and community development: schools ...

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