Back from the Amazon

Ihave just returned from this year's IDEA field school in the Amazon. The trip was, once again, an extraordinary adventure: canoeing through the submerged jungle, hiking into the rainforest wilderness, meeting with shamans and indigenous elders, exploring the incredible biodiversity, and working with a group of university students to deepen their experiences of themselves and their environment.

My hope is that this project will evolve into a consistent and multi-faceted field school. My colleagues and I envision various themes for specific trips, such as ecology, music, shamanism, and cultural exchange. So far, we have met various potential partners for such themed adventures, and we are planning to develop these in the coming years. Colombia is emerging from a long period of international isolation, and we find great enthusiasm among many Colombians to meet and to work with us. This is very heartening in a world where it's increasingly difficult to get off the beaten path.

Over the coming months, I will post some videos and images from the trip. For now, I leave you with the image above: a view into the folds and fissures of the bleached skull of a large caiman, with a single stained tooth lying on the wood table beneath.

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