Containment and Protection for Difficult Situations

I've received several inquiries lately from people searching for a visualization exercise that once appeared on my site but was removed during one of the more recent updates. It's an exercise that has been adapted from Tibetan Buddhism and Bodynamics and which many people have found to be useful in dealing with situations of conflict, tension, or boundary violation. So, at popular request, here are the details:

Energetic Reinforcement Using Visualization (or Energy)

Sit comfortably, in a space that is quiet or private (or both, ideally).

Close your eyes, settle into yourself, and notice your breathing.

Imagine (or sense) that as you breathe, you draw energy (or vitality) into your body as you inhale.

Draw this energy down to your centre (your ‘gut feeling’ place; or to be precise about it, two finger-widths below your navel, in the centre of your body).

Imagine (or sense) that as you exhale, the energy from your inhalation (and from your own natural vitality) slowly expands like a balloon filling with air. Allow this ball of energy to grow with each breath.

After a few minutes, visualize (or sense) the ball expanding to the point that it fills all of your personal space. This might be fairly close to your body, or it could be an arm’s length or more away. Visualize the ball as enclosing and protecting you completely.

When you have made the ball the most comfortable size, visualize the inner surface in a soft, warm, blue colour. Visualize the outer surface of the ball as mirrored, so that all approaching intrusive energy bounces off. (Obviously, you can also visualize a filter, so that intrusive energy bounces off but welcome energy passes through.)

Continue to be aware of your boundary and reinforce your visualization of the ball as you go through your day (or through your encounters with challenging people).

A Final Note

This exercise (and others like it) has its origins in spiritual and contemplative traditions in which organic energy -- chi, prana, orgone, kundalini, whatever you want to call it -- is perceived to be a true and authentice force as opposed to a metaphor or imaginal construct. There is no exact equivalent to this type of energy in Western spiritual practices or medical traditions (although there used to be). Accordingly, Western paractitioners of this exercise might view it as a visualization only, without energetic connotation. That's fine. The exercise still works.

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